welcome to the it girl closet at duke

are rainy days and midterms getting you down?

feel like you’re still missing a few braincells in the wake of mardi gras?


things can get a little bleak at duke as february drags on. what better way to reignite your motivation than by reinvigorating your wardrobe with some fabulous designer dresses?

we are beyond excited to announce the launch of duke’s first it girl closet, coming to our campus on march 6th! just in time for some (hopefully) warmer weather, date functions and, of course, spring break, here are some of our favorite looks for march, available to you in the upcoming closet!

sexy and slinky, this dress is perfect to show off your post-jamaica glow

Haute Hippie Purple Rage Dress: sexy, slinky, and perfect for semis.

who doesn't love herve? this one screams sb

who doesn’t love Herve? this one screams SB ’13

showcase your post-Jamaica glow in Tibi’s Blush Sequin Sprinkle Dress.

the perfect complement to Tibi's Blush Sparkle Sequin Dress

the perfect complement to Tibi’s blush number…. the Nicole Miller Star Light Star Bright Bracelet


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